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Most of us leave school with our professional degrees but almost no “real-world” business development knowledge or skills.  Given the current state of competition among professional services firms, knowing how to find, pitch, and land clients are critical skills for every professional.  Even if your firm has a Director of Client Development, your clients are hiring YOU.

If you’re fortunate enough to work in a top firm, with a cooperative culture that invests in its employees, associates and partners through a well-supported and well-designed professional development program – CONGRATULATIONS!

If you don’t, QSTS, Inchas programs designed specifically for the needs of professional services providers like attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, realtors, and others who have the drive to be in front of the competition.


This program teaches you how to find and approach potential clients and referrals through strategic marketing and networking and includes:

• Half-day skills workshop (maximum 5 participants)
• Bi-weekly individual coaching calls
• Three individual coaching sessions, including at professional events if you choose.

On completion of the program, you will be able to:

• Define your area of expertise
• Develop a branding statement
• Define your client profile focus
• Identify marketing opportunities
• Know how to move away from the wall
• Use effective follow-up techniques
• Develop profitable client and referral relationships



This program will help you develop a pitch-perfect presentation and deliver it with less anxiety than you ever thought possible.  This program includes:

• Two half-day workshops (maximum 5 participants) – Pending Florida Bar approval for 6 CLE
• Bi-weekly individual coaching calls
• Two individual practice sessions
• One “real-world” individual coaching session at a professional presentation.

On completion of this program, you will be able to:

• Focus your area of expertise
• Select an appropriate topic for a particular audience
• Develop a professional slide deck
• Identify speaking opportunities
• Use techniques to overcome fear
• Deliver a pitch-perfect presentation
• Develop profitable client and referral relationships

Investing in these programs will exponentially increase your visibility, your confidence, and, ultimately, your ability to bring in clients to grow your business.

These programs will be offered at various locations throughout the year – check our Events page – and can be delivered on-site at your firm.  Contact us for more information and our fee schedule.

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QSTS, Inc. offers 1-hour workshops perfect for firm staff meetings and/or “Lunch-and-learn” programs.  These include:

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