Organizational Development Programs

How would your employees describe your organizational culture?  How would you?  Can you clearly articulate it?  Culture is more than a vision or mission statement – it’s the values and norms that regulate the behavior of everyone in the organization. Is your culture working for your organization’s success or against it?  Have you inherited a dysfunctional culture that’s impacting the potential and profitability of your organization?

Culture is especially important in mergers and acquisitions.  A whitepaper issued by Deloitte states, “Culture has emerged as one of the dominant barriers to effective integrations.  In one study [Isaac Dixon, SHRM study 2005], culture was found to be the cause of 30 percent of failed integrations.”  The time to address cultural clashes is during the due diligence phase so challenges can be identified and solutions developed to assure a positive result.

There is no “quick fix” or “band-aid” solution for cultural change, but QSTS, Inc. can help.  Our process includes:

  • In-depth analysis

    • Surveys
    • Interviews
    • Focus groups
    • Values definition
    • Desired culture
    • Data and gap analysis

  • Implementation

    • Recommended solution
    • Measurement of success
    • Internal communication program
    • Training program
    • Coaching

  • Follow-up

    • Scheduled reinforcement
    • Scheduled measurement

Depending on the issues uncovered in the analysis phase, we work with respected business partners with proven results in:

• Finance
• Human resources
• Restructuring


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