Management Training Programs

Your organization is unique and has its own needs and challenges – influenced by the industry in which you operate, your competitive situation, the products and services you offer, your vision and goals, and your organizational culture.   Your managers must be engaged with your organization and your strategies so you can take advantage of opportunities for success.  You need to ensure that your workplace learning and performance initiatives are targeted and customized for your distinct business reality.

That’s why “single shot” training rarely works.  Linkage to your organizational goals is never provided and reinforcement tools are non-existent.  Our consulting process assures you the results you need to see skills improvement and, most importantly, changes in behavior.  Customized programs are our specialty – and are produced in partnership with your executive management team to address specific functional development needs of your mid-level managers.

We work with your management team to:

• Assess your organizational needs
• Identify gaps between present state and desired outcomes
• Develop functional competencies
• Define expectations and develop improvement metrics
• Propose continuing behavior reinforcement strategies
• Build the appropriate blended-learning solution
• Evaluate results

Examples of custom programs developed on behalf of our valued clients include:

• Essential Communication Skills for Managers
• Performance Management
• Hiring and Interviewing
• Emotional Intelligence
• Change Management
• Managing Team Collaboration
• Powerful Presentation Skills

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