As you’re reading this you may be lolling on the foredeck of your 70-ft. Hinckley sailing yacht as your captain and first mate smoothly navigate you through the crystal waters off the British Virgin Islands; you may be lounging on your deck overlooking the Long Island Sound behind your Hamptons’ summer estate; you may be waiting to tee off on the 8th hole at Pebble Beach; you may be heading out of your cabin at Ruby Springs Lodge to start your day of some of the best fly-fishing anywhere; you may be sitting at a cafe gazing at the Eiffel Tower while sipping an aperitif . Or, if you’re a junior person in your firm, you may be sitting at your desk, staring out the window, and dreaming of the day YOU can do any of these things. Summer’s half-way gone … what are you doing with it? Read more


Some people have said I network like a woman possessed. I don’t know if I’d go that far, but I do attend a LOT of business functions. My goal is to meet at least one or two people at each event with whom I’ll follow up to schedule a meeting so I can test the viability of building a mutually beneficial relationship. I’m really good at following up, but I’m starting to see a gap in what many people I meet say and what they do (or don’t do). Read more