One of my coaching clients was complaining recently about a networking event she attended. “It was pretty bad,” she said, “I left after only talking to four people – none of whom had any potential for me.” We’d already worked on an area of focus she liked – construction law – and she had developed her “perfect client profile” for that area. She and her assistant had identified several association events she could attend and this was the first one. It was geared to construction and seemed like the right choice. So far, so good! I asked her who, exactly, she had met. “An out-of-work project manager, an HVAC vendor, an interior designer, and someone else I can’t even remember because it wasn’t even worth asking for his card. The whole thing was a bust!” Was it, really? Read more


I didn’t post a blog last week because i was catching up on my e-mail. I try to stay on top of it, but the truth is it starts to just get away from me. This week was no different. After all, most of my work isn’t about e-mail, it’s about actually talking to people, either in workshop groups I facilitate or in one-on-one coaching conversations. What’s YOUR work? If you don’t get paid just to send and respond to e-mails, it might be the right time to get a handle on dealing with them. Read more