What’s the one thing everyone needs to move up in any organization? Most of you would probably respond with answers like “leadership skills,” “knowledge,”” a great mentor,” or “expertise.” But the single most important thing you need is visibility. You’ll never go anywhere if no one in power knows who you are. And today, anyone who aspires to a leadership role will have to give presentations at multiple times throughout his/her career. So you’d better start getting great at it right now. Read more


I’m an expert networker.  Not perfect, but an expert.  Okay, I’m also a natural extrovert, but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier for me to enter a room full of people I don’t know and go up to a stranger and start talking than it is for an introvert.  But for anyone in a professional services practice, networking is the single best way to build robust relationships with potential clients and referral sources.  So, how do you get better at it if you’re not a “natural?” Read more

“Nothing new in the sands of time, Just changes every day” *

Using a lyric from a Jefferson Starship*  song as the title of a blog post might tell you that I’ve been around a while.  But I hope it also reminds all of us that change is an omnipresent fact in our lives.  So why is there still so much business literature devoted to change “initiatives,” and change “agents,” and 3,059 organizational change books listed on Amazon?   Apparently, we don’t manage change very well. Read more


I’ve written before about the value of strategic networking as a business development tool and also about how so many of us get stuck in “echo chamber” networks of people who are exactly like us.  So today, I’m going to challenge everyone to start thinking outside your comfortable box to identify networking opportunities that will actually expand your referral potential and eventually bring you in some breathing – and, hopefully, paying – clients. Read more