Is Time Management Making You Crazy??

One of the biggest complaints I hear from leaders, managers, lawyers, accountants, moms, dads, kids … just about everyone … is how there never seems to be enough time. Huge amounts of money are spent on time management products – planners (that weigh a ton), calendars (that don’t have enough room), and even smartphone apps (that take more time to learn how to use than the potential time-savings).

One of the keys to managing time is to know where you’re spending your time now.  here’s one of the simplest – and cheapest – time management tools I’ve ever come across, and I’m sorry I can’t give credit since I can’t remember where I learned it.   I LOVE this!  Read more

Practice and Business Development

Business Development is Everybody’s business…

Think about it.  No matter what industry you’re in, no matter how big or small your organization is, no matter whether you’re for-profit or non-profit, the one thing every organization needs is a vibrant pipeline of potential clients, customers, referral sources, funding sources, business partners, employees, and possibly volunteers.

Because building and maintaining these relationships is so vital to organizational profitability, business development can’t possibly be delegated only to a sales, marketing, or business development department or person.  It has to be part of everyone’s job to build and maintain the pipeline because without it, the organization will eventually wither, die, disappear – and your job will go with it.  Read more