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Every person, department, and organization has a spark of
excellence inside. Do you know what yours is?

We help you define and discover that excellence. But more
than that, we work with you to develop strategies to convert
your excellence into successful results.


Organizational Development Programs

How would your employees describe your organizational culture?  How would you?  Can you clearly articulate it?  Culture is more than a vision or mission statement – it’s the values and norms that regulate the behavior of everyone in the organization. Is your culture working for your organization’s success or against it?

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Management Training Programs

Mid-level managers should be the strongest link in your organization.  They’re the ones who translate C-level strategy for operational employees. They’re also often lacking the critical skills necessary for managing others.  Don’t set your managers up for failure – there are affordable solutions to position them for success.

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Professional Services Programs

Less than 5% of lawyers and accountants have the skills necessary to support strong client development – and they’re not taught in most law or business schools.  For firms to grow and thrive, they need a vital pipeline of potential clients to fill those lost to normal attrition. If you want to make partner, you need to learn and develop those skills quickly and effectively.

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